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"Naming a brand WOW could be somewhat presumptuous, but they surely deliver a really WOW!"

Nuno C. Sousa

By intentionally brewing my coffee at @koar_cafe (to ensure more sweetness) I soon felt very strong notes of red fruit. But then, it wasn't just notes, it was a real perfume. I called (hidden) in an urgency tone, he needed to feel that! After we sat down to try Red Plum, I noticed something even better, the aroma was totally consistent with the flavor. And it wasn't just red fruit, it was raspberry (...) Certainly this will be my "coffee pet".

Coffee Blog World

This is the best coffee I've ever tried in my life. After I've tasted it I'm never going back to the usual store bought coffee. I have already tasted some of them and it is hard to say which one is the best. It is a coffee to be enjoyed. 

Ludmila Buchetmann

Be a WOW Subscriber is a pleasant experience! Every month a different surprise and a mix of special tastes to discover.

Stephanie Albuquerque

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