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Weight per package: 250g

All the tropicality of Brazil in one cup. A complex and fruity coffee with notes of plum and banana, a surprising citric acidity and an intense sweetness.


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Technical Details

Producer/Farm: Alexandre Emerich - Sítio Bela Vista

Country: Brazil

Region: Matas de Minas – Alto Caparaó/MG

Elevation: 1250m

Process: Natural Fermented - The coffee is kept in airtight tanks undergoing an anaerobic fermentation process until it reaches a temperature of 35 degrees Celsius, when it is then transferred first to the sun drying patio and then to the covered patio by a total period of 15 days.

Variety: Red Catuaí 81

Harvest: Manual

Period: Between October and November

Roasting Profile: Filter or Espresso

Tasting notes: Heavy body, intense sweetness, citrus acidity, with surprising notes of plum and ripe banana.

parallax background

Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Alexandre Emerich always spent his holidays in the city of Alto Caparaó, his father's hometown, where he once dreamed of living and starting a coffee plantation.

At the age of 18, Alexandre decided to make this dream come true and moved to Alto Caparaó determined to dedicate the rest of his life to producing the most amazing coffees.

He has since graduated in agribusiness management, earned the title of Q-Grader from SCAA, and built every inch of the Bela Vista Farm with his own hands.


Embedded in a lush rock formation at an altitude ranging from 900 to 1300 meters.

The Bela Vista Farm is favored by a distinctive microclimate that gives its coffees unique characteristics, marked by citric acidity, intense sweetness and heavy body. The farm currently has 50,000 plants on a total of 18 hectares of coffee.