Product Review: Slim Grinder Vs. Commander

When we started selling Timemore products, I confess that we were first attracted by the brand's authoral design appeal.

 And arguably Timemore's products are beautiful and stand out immediately whether in a photo, at a brewing station or anywhere.

 But the question was, are they as good as they are beautiful?

 To solve this doubt, we chose Timemore's entry grinder, the Slim Grinder, and decided to put it to the test against the already renowned Comandante.

 Today, after more than five months using the two grinders daily and after several tests repeated time after time, timing the grinding time and counting the turns on the crank with each grinder, checking the consistency of the granulometry and if there were changes after 10 grinds in a row without  that we had touched the adjustment "click", among several other issues that we evaluated over this time bringing lay guests and experienced baristas to try the two grinders, we are now able to affirm ... Yes, they are as good as they are beautiful!

 We will bring our impressions ahead with the scale, kettle and the different grinders from Timemore, but today we want to talk a little about the Slim Grinder, because this one enchanted us!

 Versatile, portable, fast, beautiful and very consistent.

 Its slim shape (as the name says) and the metallic body finish with diamond-shaped notches ensure a comfortable grip where the hand completely wraps the product and it does not slip, very different from the Comandante whose wide body and smooth finish often causes the grinder to slip by the hand while grinding.

 We arrived at an adjustment of clicks that guaranteed the same granulometry in the two grinders (obviously the number of clicks in each grinder to obtain the same result was different) and then we started to evaluate the consistency and the speed to grind 24g of coffee in  each grinder (we defined this grammage due to the Slim limit, which grinds a maximum of 25g, so we always work with a recipe of 24g of coffee for 400g of water) and, of course, what was the result of the grinding in the extraction.  It is worth noting that we also use the two grinders to make some shots of espresso in our Aram, since both have dual-purpose burrs (E&B), although the commander has the option of Red Clicks that allows a finer adjustment for espresso.  In terms of the sensory result in the cup, we did not notice any difference that pointed to one or the other grinder, but the fact is that although the Timemore requires slightly more effort than the Comandante for each turn on the handle, it demands less rotations to complete the grinding and therefore less time.

 We took our grinders and went on a trip, the destination was Africa.  At the time of packing, Timemore has a great advantage, its carrying bag and the brush that come with the product, in addition to the small size that made it easier to fit in our handbag.  Another condition that favors it is the fact that it is produced in a single metallic piece: when we transport the Comandante with his body in somewhat soft wood, we notice that It often gains some marks of harder objects that end up causing slight dents in his body  of wood and some scratches.

 If we are talking about details, we cannot let it be said that the fact that the Comandante has an extra dispenser with a lid, which accompanies the original product, favors the time to taste more than one coffee, because while we heat the water, we are able to grind  two samples and keep them properly stored, especially with the amber glass container.

 And the final step of these tests was obviously the dismantling of the products to check for any evidence of abrasion on their burrs or any internal component and the result was the same, both grinders were intact.  There are no gaps in the assembly, damage to the internal structure or any visible signs of abrasion.

 The end result then?  Well, both grinders are incredible, and undoubtedly deliver what is expected of two high end grinders, being excellent options whether you are a professional barista or just someone who cares about the quality of your coffee.  The Comandante has become an object of desire in the universe of coffee, but if the question is cost-benefit, well, then we have to give the victory to Timemore, because at half the price it definitely meets the most demanding expectations.

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