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The beans are dried more slowly in the shade, which allows more aromas to develop and brings a greater balance between acidity, sweetness and body, making this coffee a perfect option for both filter and espresso!


Technical Details:

Cupping profile: Full bodied, with notes of earl grey and lemon, with almond and hazelnut finish.

Producer/Farm: Salum Ramadhan
Country: Burundi
Region: Shembati - Kayanza Province
Elevation: 1800 - 2100 mts
Process: Fully washed dried in African beds.
Variety: Bourbon
Harvest: Handly
Period: March to June
Roasting Profile: Omni Roast


About this coffee:

Burundi is a small republic located just south of Rwanda, wedged between the Democratic Republic of Congo and Tanzania in the African great lakes region. Much of the country is bordered by lake Tanganyika, the second deepest freshwater lake on the planet. Rising up from dramatically from the lake are large fertile hills where smallholder farmers make their living predominantly on agriculture. Burundi shares many similarities with Rwanda. Both were once part of a united colony called Ruanda-Urundi under German and then Belgian control; the country declared independence in 1962. The colonization in both countries exacerbated ethnic unrest; much like Rwanda, Burundi has a history of Hutu and Tutsi violence dating back to the 50s and 60s, but culminating in the early nineties leaving staggering civilian casualties in its wake on both sides of the conflict. Lacking the international attention of Rwanda’s genocide, but no less tragic or severe, Burundi has been largely ignored and left to its own devices. It is now one of the most impoverished and undernourished countries in the world.

In this country, where 55% of the Burundian working population lives on coffee production and where 95% of the industry is managed by just 2 players, Salum Ramadhan is the only independent producer in the country.

Native of Kayanza, a self-made man, entrepreneur, coffee enthusiast, and manager of a well-oiled transport company, Salum has his own farm and four washing stations. Salum pays well above average for both daily labor and cherry deliveries from local farmers. Each station is also surrounded by a multi-purpose farm, serving as test plots for new varieties and as examples of a well-run garden for local smallholders.

Kayanza is in the heart of Burundi’s coffee production area, second only to neighboring province Ngozi in total production volume. The potential for quality Arabica is incredibly high: ideal climate and growing conditions combined with old-growth heirloom varieties yield exceptional flavors.

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