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Weight per package: 250g

It's easy to see why this coffee was rated with 90 SCA points and won the award for best coffee in Brazil, becoming the champion of Coffee of The Year 2018 *. An extremely elegant cup with floral aromas and vibrant notes of tangerine, sugar cane and dulce de leche.


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* Coffee from the same harvest and process from the winning batch of Coffee of The Year 2018.

Technical Details

Producer/Farm: Afonso Lacerda – Fazenda Forquilha do Rio

Country: Brasil

Region: Mountains of Espírito Santo - Caparaó Microregion - Dores do Rio Preto / ES

Elevation: 1300m

Process: Honey - Dried on covered African Beds for 21 days.

Variety: Red Catuaí 44

Harvesting: Selective Picking - Each of it’s bags took four days to be filled with only the best picked cherries that grew up in a specific region of the farm.

Period: Between October and December.

Roast Profile: Filter

Tasting notes: A complex, well-balanced, full-bodied floral coffee with intense sweetness, balanced acidity and vibrant notes of tangerine, sugar cane and dulce de leche.


The Lacerda family is a record holder in awards in the main National Specialty Coffee competitions in Brazil.

Afonso Donizete Lacerda, the third-generation firstborn in this iconic family of coffee producers, is a two-time winner of the Coffee of The Year contest, and is proud to have his entire family involved in the production process, including his children, sons-in-law and even grandchildren.

The Forquilha do Rio Farm is in a prime location for growing specialty coffees, in a mountainous region,

with cool weather all year round, well-distributed rainfall and an altitude ranging from 1100 to 1400 meters, which contribute to a slower ripening of the fruit, allowing it to absorb larger amounts of sugar.

However, we believe that the peculiar sweetness of the coffees produced by this family is mainly the result of all the love poured into the cultivation of this fruit.

Let yourself be WOWed by the complexity of this Brazilian coffee.