Red Plum – Colombia


Qual é a sensação?

Sabe aquele momento depois do jantar quando você recebe sua sobremesa e seus olhos brilham, você se desconecta do mundo por um momento para desfrutar daquela explosão de prazer em forma de doce; na primeira colherada seus olhos reviram e você suspira profundamente? Bem, vamos seguir nessa pegada!

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Roasters notes:

An extremely fruity and pleasant coffee, with a liqueurous body and intense notes of red fruits and a persistent finish like a strawberry lollipop.

How it feels like?

You know that moment after dinner when you receive your dessert and your eyes shine, you disconnect from the world for a moment to enjoy that sweet bomb, your eyes roll over and you sigh deeply with pleasure? Let’s continue on this tune!


Juicy & Funky

Technical Details:

Tasting notes: Raspberry jam, strawberry lollipop, blackberry liqueur, lush juicy body and candied like finish
Producer/Farm: Diego Samuel Bermudez – Finca El Paraíso
Country: Colombia
Region: Piendamó
Elevation: +1700 mts
Process: Red Plum
Variety: Castillo
Harvest: Selective Picking
Period: October – March
Roasting profile: Omni roast

About Red Plum Process:

1. Anaerobic fermentation in cherry for 48 hours in tanks with a valve at a temperature of 18ºC.
2. Pulping.
3. Anaerobic Fermentation in mucilage for 48 hours at 20ºC.
4. Double washing with thermal shock. First, washed with water at a temperature of 40ºC and then with water at 12ºC.
5. Controlled drying for 34 hours at a temperature of 35ºC and a relative humidity of 25%, until reaching a moisture between 10% and 11%.
The drying is made with condensation, with recirculated air from a drying machine developed and patented by the farm, called Eco-Enigma.

The story behind:

Villa Rosita is located in the municipality of Piendamó, in the village of Tunía, in Los Arados, 2.5 km from the Pan American highway, between the cities of Popayán and Cali. All the coffee on this farm is processed at another family property, called Finca El Paraiso, located in Cauca, at an altitude of 1930 meters, where they have the most advanced technology for processing coffee beans.

Diego Samuel Bermúdez was hooked by the specialty coffee culture in 2007, where he started his adventure with more enthusiasm than resources, but with a firm conviction of where he wanted to go.

In these last 13 years, Diego has dedicated his life to the in-depth study of the most complex techniques of coffee processing. In order to understand the result in the cup of the experiments carried out on the farm and to constantly improve its processes, Diego and his family invested in the construction of a laboratory and in the realization of roasting and sensory analysis courses (he is certified as a coffee taster and professional processor level II by the Coffee Quality Institute, CQI).

This serious work of experimenting fermentation by non-traditional methods has earned Diego several awards in international competitions, making his coffees reach record prices in auctions.

Today Diego is known worldwide, and he surprises us with each new coffee, demonstrating that there are no limits in the creation of new processes and techniques for the improvement of coffee, being a source of inspiration for coffee producers and coffee lovers all over the world.

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Coarse, Espresso, Fine, Medium, Whole Bean

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1KG, 250 GR

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