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Everything you expect from a good Ethiopian coffee! Very floral, sweet and with a refreshing acidity.


Technical Details:

Cupping profile: Heavy body, floral aroma with a predominance of jasmin, notes of apricot and plum with a refreshing acidity and sweet milk chocolate aftertaste.

Producer/Farm: Wacho Sololo
Country: Ethiopia
Region: Wacho Sololo Village, in Ana Sorra terroir, Guji appellation area
Elevation: 1880 - 2200 mts
Process: Natural dried in African beds.
Variety: 74110
Harvest: Handly
Period: October to December
Roasting Profile: Omni roast

About this coffee:

This coffee is harvested in the Guji appellation in Ana Sorra terroir, a well-known area for the quality of its coffees. It is produced under forest, what contributes to the preservation of a rich environment. Coffee growing here is part of an old agroforestry system. This coffee is selected by Barkume, an exporter based in Addis Ababa and involved in the coffee trade for many years. Barkume produces this coffee on his farm in the village of Wacho Sololo and this company is working to maintain fine traceability and optimum quality for this certified organic farming coffee. The coffee of Wacho Sololo comes from the variety 74110, identified by the research center of Jimma in the 1970s (the first two numbers indicate the year of recognition of the variety). This Ana Sorra terroir coffee is natural processed in the Tabe Burka washing station a few kilometers away. It is dried on the spot, on African beds.

The story of the producer/farm:

Wacho Sololo farm is located in the village of the same name, in Guji appellation, in Ana Sorra terroir. This farm covers 167 hectares and belongs to Barkume since 2003. It is currently managed by Eyasu Robe. Barkume produces here an altitude coffee, under forest, whose shading adds to the quality of the grains harvested. The variety of arboreal species available promotes a dense canopy and optimal shading of coffee trees in the undergrowth. In these forests, there are ancient species, more and more rare, which associate themselves particularly well with coffee trees. This agroforestry system, proven for many years in Ethiopia, is the guarantee of maintaining a rich vegetation cover in these regions of southern Ethiopia.

The exporter Barkume started in coffee more than 20 years ago. The company is based in Addis Ababa and manages farms in Guji appellation, on 4 main sites, with 4 washing stations. Barkume also works with more than 700 farmers from whom coffee is collected and processed at different sites. The company is currently headed by Tadesse Edema.

Tadesse's father, like his grandfather before him, were already involved in the coffee business. Tadesse has 29 brothers who, like him, grew up in the coffee growing and all remained deeply attached to this product. If Barkume exports today its productions to the international, from Europe to China, from the United States to the Emirates, it is in this region of Guji that the company has its roots, anchored in Ethiopian coffee growing.

Customer Reviews

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Very nice and well priced

Congrats on the quality

Dos melhores

Confesso que não esperava um café tão bom, especialmente por não costumar ser fã dos cafés naturais. Tudo neste café é incrível, desde a doçura suave tipo alperce ao aftertaste a leite com chocolate que realmente apareceu em algumas das extracções. Só usei para expresso. Voltarei a comprar assim que houver em stock!

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