DBarbosa Old Habits - Brazil

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Roasters notes:

A slightly darker roast but you won't find any smoke or ash in this cup - only rich, full-bodied flavors that show off the hard work of the producers behind this truly Brazilian coffee.

How it feels like?

“Because this is how I drank coffee my whole life: dark, full-bodied, with a lot of aroma and that chocolate taste that I love!” Okay, okay, we respect a person with principles!


Roasty & Bold

Technical Details:

Tasting notes: Heavy body, intense sweetness, notes of chocolate, caramel and nuts.
Producer/Farm: Fazenda Paraíso Danilo Barbosa
Country: Brazil
Region: Carmo do Paranaíba/MG
Elevation: +1030 mts
Process: Natural
Variety: Red Catuaí
Harvest: Handly
Roasting profile: 

The story behind:

This is our transition coffee!

The transition from a commodity coffee producer to the specialty universe represents an important milestone in its history, often implying not only market recognition, but a complete transformation of life, from the increase in family income many times higher than 50%. That is why we see specialty coffee as a tool for social transformation, and we want to take it into the mainstream in order to increase market demand and thus allow more and more small family farmers to migrate to specialty coffee production and reach thus better living conditions.

Be part of this movement and let yourself be gradually transitioned to the universe of specialty, one step at a time!

Customer Reviews

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Excelente café

Não conhecia esse café e gostei demais; suave, achocolatado, sem gosto algum de queimado. A torra estava ótima também.

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