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The perfect balance between acidity, sweetness and fruit.


How it feels like?

Do you know when your stomach makes you want to consume something really good, but that you are not sure what that “something” would be? Well, this coffee is the answer. The perfect choice at any time of the day.


Roasters notes:

A fruity coffee in the right measure, with very evident notes and easy to read. A coffee to drink in absurd quantities.


Technical Details:

Cupping profile: Velvety body, with jasmine aroma, notes of peach and caramel, with balanced acidity and sweet milk chocolate aftertaste.

Producer/Farm: Barkume
Country: Ethiopia
Region: Oromia Region - Guji Zone
Elevation: 1880 - 2200 mts
Process: Washed dried in African beds.
Variety: Heirloom
Harvest: Handly
Period: October to December
Roasting Profile: Omni roast


The story behind:


Barkume started in coffee production more than 20 years ago, and now manages several farms on 4 main sites of Guji, with 4 washing stations. Barkume also works with more than 700 farmers from whom coffee is collected and processed at different sites. The company is currently headed by Tadesse Edema, representative of the third generation of a family of coffee producers.


Tadesse has 29 brothers who, like him, grew up in the coffee growing and all remained deeply attached to this product.


Barkume farms covers 167 hectares and belongs to the family since 2003. It is currently managed by Eyasu Robe. Barkume produces an altitude coffee, which grows under the forest, whose wide variety of native tree species promotes a dense canopy and ideal shade for coffee trees, in addition to a rich vegetal covering for the soil, guaranteeing a consistent production of quality coffees.


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