Mohamed Ali - Botto Village

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Mustafa Mohamed Ali has been producing this honey-processed coffee for 2 years, following the advice of a Brazilian Agronomist who visited the Botto farm in the Jimma appellation area several times to help the producer implement this new process in Ethiopia.

The Botto farm is located south of Jimma, in the Goma district. Mohamed Ali acquired these plots in the 1980s with the aim of perpetuating the family coffee production tradition. His coffee trees, planted in orchards, are spread over either side of the track leading to the village, at an altitude of more than 2,000 metres.

Mustafa Mohamed Ali produces natural and honey-processed coffees on his 10.5 hectares of Botto Village, using water-efficient and more environmentally-friendly practices, following in the footsteps of his father, notably with the aim of preserving his agricultural heritage.

The Mohamed Ali family has a long coffee production history, due partly to a stability achieved rapidly, in the 1950s, when they sold their first harvest to the Yemeni traders who used to journey to the Ethiopian countryside to buy coffee. Mohamed’s father had studied in Egypt and become an Imam, and he had special ties with these foreign traders thanks to which he was able to develop his coffee plantations. When Mohamed Ali began managing the plots in the 1980s, he took a two-year break to study in Saudi Arabia (1984–1986), from where he returned to his native land even more convinced that his father had left a legacy that was unique.

Mohamed Ali works with relatively small plots of land, with the aim of preserving wild coffee specimens and producing high quality coffee. He has chosen to live with his family in the immediate vicinity of his plantations in the small town of Agaro.

For the past two years, Mohamed Ali has been able to sell his coffees directly abroad thanks to changes in the Ethiopian legislation. Until then, producers working on small farms had to sell their coffees either to a collector or directly to the coffee exchange (ECX) in Addis Ababa, which centralised international purchasing, sometimes obscuring traceability. This turning point has given Mohamed Ali a new-found independence, which we want to preserve.




Tasting notes: A very complex and clean cup, with lemony, floral and spicy aromas, with notes of clove, raspberry, plum and strawberry, finishing with honey and caramel aftertaste.

Origin: Ethiopia - Jimma appellation area - Goma district - Botto village

Elevation: 1950 - 2000m

Process: Honey - Dried on covered African Beds

Variety: Heirloom

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