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Weight per package: 250g

A lovely and balanced cup. It all starts with lemon aromas, then cocoa and citrus flavors. The persistence in the mouth is marked by a sweet caramel note.


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Technical Details

Producer/Farm: Cyangugu Cooperative

Country: Republic of Rwanda

Region: Ruzizi, West Province

Elevation: 1800m

Process: Fully Washed - Traditional wash and then sun dried on African beds.

Variety: Red Bourbon

Harvest: Manual

Period: Between June and September

Roast Profile: Filter

Tasting notes: Heavy body, intense sweetness, citric acidity, with notes of lemon, fresh herbal aromas and chocolate and caramel finish.

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The Cyangugu cooperative is located in the West Province, in the heart of the mountains stretching from the Virunga region on the Ugandan border to the Burundi border.

The history of coffee in the Republic of Rwanda dates back to 1904, when missionaries introduced coffee trees to the country. But it was only in 1930, under Belgian influence, that production began on a scale.

Most of the region's coffee producers are part of small cooperatives scattered in remote areas across the highlands. If the harvest yields profits, these smallholder families collectively decide how to use the resources for the benefit of the community, according to the identified needs.

They support each other at work and in life.

The climate in Rwanda is equatorial, thanks to its altitude, the annual average temperature of 20ºC and its two rainy seasons. Coffee trees are planted on 1 hectare plots of land, at altitudes between 1700 and 2100 meters, in mineral-rich volcanic soil.

Coffee trees benefits from the natural shade associated with a biodiversity of over 200 tree species and 300 bird species. A natural combination of factors that contribute to the slow ripening of coffee fruit and the perfect development of this red bourbon variety.

Today, Rwanda's coffee industry is flourishing and producing some of the highest quality coffees on the planet